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Encouraging Low Carbon Behaviours

The Low Carbon Scotland Behaviours Framework, published on 4 March 2013, lays out what the Scottish Government will do to drive and support the move to low carbon living in the lead-up to the first key climate change target in 2020.

Supporting the Framework, Influencing Behaviours – Moving Beyond the Individual: A user guide to the ISM tool was published on 5 June 2013. Using the latest social science research the new ISM (Individual, Social and Material) tool was developed as a practical tool for policy makers and others to understand influencing people’s behaviours.

A number of workshops using the ISM tool are taking place over the summer and we will provide an web update in the autumn, highlighting the progress that we are making.

The Low Carbon Behaviours - Key Data for Scotland report, published on 4th October 2013, provides trend data, where available, for the Scottish Government's 10 Key Climate Change Behaviours areas. The key areas span home energy, personal transport, food and consumption.

The ISM (Individual, Social and Material) Tool Progress Report, published on 30th October 2013, is a short report highlighting progress to date in disseminating and using the ISM tool within the Scottish Government and its agencies, as well as other environmental organisations. It provides an update on the workshops that have taken place to date and those that are planned for the future to improve the behavioural aspects of RPP2 policies, spanning transport, housing, waste and farming. 

A summary of the principal lines within the Scottish Government’s budget and spending plans which support the delivery of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emission was prepared for the RACCE committee.  This was updated with a short commentary on the behavioural aspects of each line.