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Energy is not just needed to keep Scotland's businesses, hospitals and schools running; heat our homes; and transport goods and people - energy also plays a vital role in Scotland's economy. Scotland accounts for around nine per cent of the UK's total energy consumption, but is rich in energy resources.

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  • Renewables Routemap - Update 2015

    An update to the Renewables Routemap has been published alongside the Equalities Impact Assessment of the Renewables Routemap.

  • Scotland's Energy Strategy

    Information on the Scottish Government's new Energy Strategy and how you can support its development.

  • Community Energy Policy Statement 2015

    Scottish Government Community Energy Policy Statement Final Version - September 2015

  • Renewables Obligation

    Renewables Obligation - Confirmation of Obligation Level for 2012/13

  • Electricity Generation Policy Statement

    The Scottish Government published an initial draft Electricity Generation Policy Statement (EGPS) in November 2010, to support our Climate Change Report on Proposals and Policies (RPP). A further revision of the EGPS was published in draft in March 2012 for consultation. These documents set out a final version of the 2012 EGPS and the consultation response summary.