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Kendoon to Tongland Reinforcement Project

In 2015, Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN) consulted on proposals to upgrade the electricity transmission network in Dumfries and Galloway. However, following a cost-benefit analysis with National Grid, the GB Transmission System Operator, to make sure the proposals were the most efficient and economical, the scope and scale of the original project has been reduced.

This reduced project is the Kendoon to Tongland Reinforcement Project (KTR Project). The proposal is to build a new 132kv overhead line to replace ageing infrastructure.


Statutory Stakeholder Liaison Group

Considering the potential size and complexity of the original proposal, the Scottish Government chaired a Statutory Stakeholder Liaison Group comprised of the relevant planning authorities, statutory consultees and SPEN.

This group was to provide a forum for considering the planning, environmental, cultural and natural heritage issues that will arise from the proposal. 

It has been decided to continue the work of the Statutory Stakeholder Liaison Group and the Group will now be known as the Kendoon to Tongland Reinforcement Statutory Stakeholder Liaison Group.

As before, decisions on these matters will ultimately be a matter for the Scottish Ministers. The Group’s activities are to ensure that there will be an open and constructive approach to identifying, reporting and considering issues that may have an impact on any such decisions.  The Group also provides a forum for addressing cross-cutting issues and developing good information flows that will contribute to the prevention or minimisation of delays in considering issues.

It is anticipated that other stakeholders may be invited to attend, at certain times, as the scheme and consultation progresses.

In Scotland, applications for consent to install overhead power lines are made to the Scottish Ministers under section 37 of the Electricity Act (1989). Scottish Ministers have not yet received any application for the above project. SPEN has indicated that it does not expect to submit any application for the proposals before 2019.

Minutes of the meetings are available at the links below.

8 September 2016 - Minutes

16 March 2017 - Minutes


Kendoon to Tongland Community Liaison Group

The Scottish Government set up a Community Liaison Group (CLG) in connection with the Kendoon to Tongland proposal.

The CLG provides a forum for community representatives, SPEN and the Scottish Government to discuss local issues and concerns relating to the KTR Project. 

The specific role of the CLG is to ensure that there is an open and constructive approach to identifying and discussing these issues and to ensure that these are fully considered in the development of the KTR Project during the pre-application phase and, once applications for consent are submitted, in the decision making process.

The CLG meets periodically and minutes and terms of reference are published below.

Terms of Reference

14 November 2016 - Minutes

21 February 2017 - Minutes

21 February 2017 - Post-meeting comments from NGCC

18 April 2017 - Minutes