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Scotland heat map - documentation

These documents have been developed to support the use of the Scotland heat map:

Scotland heat map - Framework

     1.0    Framework Agreement
     1.1    Acceptance form
     1.2    Data users form
     1.3    Organisation contact form
     1.4    Privacy notice for named users and organisational contacts

The Scotland heat map Framework is the agreement between the Scottish Government and Scottish Local Authorities and other public sector organisations to share the data.

Scotland Heat Map - User Guide

     2.0    Report methodology
     2.1    Manual
     2.2    Metadata, limitations and data management
     2.3    Validation & improvement

The Scotland heat map User Guide outlines how the map was created and how it can be used and updated. If you are interested in developing or using a Heat Map, please email heatmap@scotland.gsi.gov.uk.

Scotland Heat Map - Quick Guides and Data Dictionary

Scotland Heat Map - Training For Local Authorities