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Scotland's Zero Waste Plan

zero waste planThe Scottish Government launched Scotland's first Zero Waste Plan on the 9th June 2010. ( Summary leaflet also available)

Scotland's Zero Waste Plan sets out the Scottish Government's vision for a zero waste society. This vision describes a Scotland where all waste is seen as a resource; Waste is minimised; valuable resources are not disposed of in landfills, and most waste is sorted, leaving only limited amounts to be treated.

To achieve this vision the Plan sets out radical new measures, including:

  • Development of a Waste Prevention Programme for all wastes, ensuring the prevention and reuse of waste is central to all our actions and policies
  • Landfill bans for specific waste types therefore reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and capturing the value from these resources
  • Separate collections of specific waste types, including food, to avoid contaminating other materials, increasing reuse and recycling opportunities and contributing to our renewable energy targets
  • Two new targets that will apply to all waste: 70 per cent target recycled, and maximum 5 per cent sent to landfill, both by 2025
  • Restrictions on the input to all energy from waste facilities, in the past only applicable to municipal waste, therefore encouraging greater waste prevention, reuse and recycling.
  • Encouraging local authorities and the resource management sector to establish good practice commitments and work together to create consistent waste management services, benefitting businesses and the public.
  • Improved information on different waste sources, types and management highlighting further economic and environmental opportunities
  • Measure the carbon impacts of waste to prioritise the recycling of resources which offer the greatest environmental and climate change outcomes