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Scottish Export Statisticsexport statistics

There are now two sources of data on Scottish Exports: Export Statistics Scotland and the Index of Manufactured Exports.

To obtain detailed information on either source, please follow the links below:


How do the two sources differ?

Export Statistics Scotland (ESS) is based on the Global Connections Survey, an annual survey run by the Scottish Government, as well as other survey and administrative data sources. It produces estimates of the cash value of exports by destination and industry sector for all sectors of the Scottish economy including the primary, manufacturing and service sectors. This source should be used to obtain estimates of the cash value of exports.

The Index of Manufactured Exports (IME) is produced by the Scottish Government as part of Quarterly National Accounts. It uses survey data collected by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The index provides a quarterly time series of the growth (in real terms) of export sales in the manufacturing industry. This source should be used to obtain estimates of changes in the level of export sales over time.