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National Indicator

Current Status

The Scottish Government has set a target of reducing the risk of crime by 2 percentage points by 2011 with 2008/09 as the baseline. The risk was 20.4% in 2008/09 compared with 17.8% in 2010/11 and therefore the rate has decreased by 2.6 percentage points.

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National Indicator


Reduce overall crime victimisation rates by 2 percentage points by 2011

Reduce overall crime victimisation rates by 2 percentage points by 2011

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Why is this National Indicator important?

Crime victimisation rates measure the incidence of personal and household crimes - as perceived by victims of crime themselves, rather than police records of reported crimes. We believe this provides a better measure of the actual incidence of crime in our communities. A high victimisation rate suggests an unsafe community, which impacts on people's quality of life and may deter public and private improvements or investment and reduce the residential desirability of an area.

What will influence this National Indicator?

Victimisation rates, particularly those associated with property crime, are affected by wider economic and social trends. In an unfavourable or declining economy, crime increases. Poor earning power, unemployment or frustration with the resulting deprivation are factors which may lead people to commit criminal acts. Other factors affecting crime levels include alcohol abuse and drug dependency - many crimes of violence, including sexual offences, are committed while perpetrators are drunk or under the influence of drugs. The 'drugs trade' itself is involved in many criminal offences and supports other criminal behaviour.

What is the Government's role?

While personal behaviour has a major impact on crime, the Government also needs to maintain a properly functioning criminal justice system. We must protect citizens from crime - and can do so in partnership with local and national agencies. We must back the voluntary sector to support victims and witnesses of crime and promote changes to the law that strengthen their rights. We will safeguard the independence of the prosecution service and the judiciary and enable the successful management of convicted offenders. In partnership with others, we will also provide criminal justice training, resources and technical assistance. Our wider policies on economic development, employment, education and social services can all have a positive influence on crime rates.

How are we performing?

The risk of being a victim of crime is lower in 2010/11 than in 2009/10. The risk of crime (measured as the proportion of adults who were the victim of crime) was 17.8% in 2010/11. This is 1.5 percentage points lower than the 2009/10 figure of 19.3%.

Proportion of Scottish Crime Survey respondents who were a victim of crime, 2010-11

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Source: Scottish Crime Surveys


This evaluation is based on: any difference within +/- 1.0 percentage points of the previous survey suggests that the position is more likely to be maintaining than showing any change. A decrease of 1.0 percentage points or more suggests the position is improving; whereas an increase of 1.0 percentage points or more suggests the position is worsening.

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