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Analytical Guidance Library

The analytical guidance library, developed by a working group of the network, is now available to all.

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Statistics Methodology Glassary

A quick reference for anyone who may not be familiar with statistical methodologies.

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Public Sector Analytical Peer Support Service

Do you have a piece of analytical work for which you would like advice or support?

Or maybe you have a general question relating to statistical methodology?

Send us an email detailing the work and advice you would like, or phone us on 0131 244 2365, and we may be able to help.

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The Network Needs You

The Network needs more input from its members. Please take a look around the site and get in touch if there is anything you could contribute towards. This could include assisting in the organisation of workshops, providing ideas for working groups or even sharing the most common analtical issues you face in your area of work.

SOA Indicator Support

If you are involved in your CPP's Single Outcome Agreement and would like support or advice in selecting, accessing, interpreting or reporting on indicators, you can either email or phone us on 0131 244 2365, and we may be able to help.

Latest Network News

PSAN on the knowledge-hub

As the first step in trying to improve the way in which our network operates in order to better meet the stated aims, I have created a group on the knowledge-hub: Please join this group - if you aren't already registered with the site you will have to do so before joining. This knowledge hub group should allow for greater sharing of information, experiences and good practice as we can all interact more freely.

Please feel free to get in touch (or even post a message on the knowledge hub forum) if you have any comments or other suggestions about how we can improve our already great network. Email or phone 0131 244 2365.

Menu of Local Outcome Indicators version 6.2 Published

An updated version of the Menu of Local Outcome Indicators has been published by the SOLACE-led Improving Local Outcome Indicators Project. This update includes a number of new indicators and some slight definitional changes which provide more robust and relevant local outcomes measures that are further aligned with the National Performance Framework. More information about the changes can be found in the Menu Changes Log.

Assistance is available from the Scottish Government for those involved in CPP's SOAs. Support and advice can be provided in a range of areas relating to use of the Menu and the Local Outcome Indicators data report on SNS. To discuss the support available please email or telephone 0131 244 2365.

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ScotStat Public Sector Analysts Network

ScotStatThis Network is for staff from Local Government and other Public Bodies as well as academics who have an interest in analytical issues. This can range from choosing appropriate indicators for measuring performance to complex analysis of survey results. There is no requirement for members to be analysts by profession or have had any analytical training.

The purpose of the network is to

  • Develop mutual understanding of statistical needs and opportunities between local authorities, public bodies and Scottish Government particularly in relation to single outcome agreements;
  • Consider the best means for Scottish Government to share its analytical resources with other public bodies to assist the single outcome agreement process and build analytical capacity more widely;
  • Consider issues across public bodies in data collection in order to take a strategic approach to harmonisation and efficient use of resources;
  • Discuss how Scottish Government statistics are used by public bodies and how they might be improved to be of more benefit;
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of functional issues (e.g. Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics, Sample Surveys, Official Statistics), cross cutting themes (e.g. equality statistics, geographical statistics) and methodological issues (e.g. measuring change, reporting on targets).

These aims are met through demand-led local workshops and short-lived working groups. Network members decide what workshops and groups would be of most value and how they should be run. Members contribute to the arrangements for workshops local to their area with support from Scottish Government.

To join the network please join the new PSAN Group which has been created on the Knowledge Hub; If you are not an existing member you will need to register before joining. 

For the network to run effectively it is vital that members put forward suggestions, assist with organising workshops and contribute to working groups.

Topic based issues are taken forward by the relevant ScotStat committee or working group. If you want to be kept informed of topic-specific developments, consultations and publications you need to register on the main section of ScotStat and indicate your 'areas of interest'.Click here to register or to update your areas of interest

Network updates


This section of the website contains links to useful information and previous network news emails.

Useful information:

Changes to Scottish Government surveys from 2012 onwards

From 2013 Local Authority level estimates from the Scottish household Survey will be available annually. This is as a result of a more efficient design that is to be implemented from 2012 onwards. More information about the changes being made to the SHS and the other major Scottish population surveys, and the impacts these changes will have can be found from

Archive of Network News emails:

Network News Email July 2012

Network News Email April 2012

Network News Email August 2011

Network News Email March 2011

Network News Email February 2011

Network News Email October 2010

Network News Email August 2010

The Improving Local Outcome Indicators Project


The Improving Local Outcome Indicators Project (ILOIP) is being led by the Society of Local Authority Chief Exectives (SOLACE). The aim of the project is to improve the quality and robustness of indicators used for tracking progress in SOAs.

The project is being overseen by a Project Board. Minutes of the project board meetings are available here.

The work is being taken forward by the project Task Group. More information about the task group, including meeting papers, can be found here.

The first output of the project - Version 4 of the Menu of Local Outcome Indicators and accompanying Good Practice note - was published on the Improvement Service website:

Work is continuing and updates to the menu are regularly produced. Details of known work that may lead to indicators development can be found from the project's webpages:

Suggestions for additional indicators that fit the criteria are welcomed. Suggestions can be sent to:-

Data for the indicators contained within the Menu can be accessed via the Local Outcome Indicators reporting tool on the Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics portal: ttp:// (Within SNS, click on 'Performance Framework report', then choose 'Local Outcome Indicators' from the drop down menu. A report on 'Local Outcome Indicators by Equalities Characteristics' is also available.)

If you would like to be involved in the project, have any queries about indicators, data, target setting and wider analytical issues associated with SOAs please e-mail

Users of the Menu of Local Outcome Indicators may be interested in feeding into the current consultations outlined below


SNS Virtual Users' Group

Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics (SNS) are keen to set up a virtual SNS User Group seeking advice and feedback on SNS, and, as this collaboration would be undertaken electronically, it is envisaged that it should not take up too much of your time. If you are interested in joining this user group, please reply to the


This is the Scottish Government website containing information about, and links to, Single Outcome Agreements

This website sets out the National Performance Framework. Details of all the purpose targets, national outcomes and national indicators, including technical notes showing data sources and how performance is evaluated, can be found here.

Communities of Practice for Local Government: Analysis, Intelligence and Research ( AIR) - Scotland

AIR is an electronic community of Local Government analysts in Scotland. You will need to register the first time you visit the site

Improvement Service

The Improvement Service was set up to support improvement in the efficiency, quality and accountability of public services in Scotland through provision of advice and consultancy, project management and support for learning and sharing of knowledge.

Community Regeneration and tackling Poverty Learning Network

The Community Regeneration and Tackling Poverty Learning Network is a cross-Government initiative that supports Community Planning Partnerships and their partners to improve the way communities are regenerated and poverty is tackled throughout Scotland. The network gives practical help to organisations and individuals working at a local level.

Centre for Housing Market Analysis

The key remit of the CHMA is to provide national, central support to local authorities, and other key stakeholders, to aid the strategic planning of housing in Scotland.