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This page relates to the 2007 version of the National Performance Framework. Information about the current version of the NPF is available on the Scotland Performs Home Page.

Technical Notes for Scotland Performs Indicators and Targets

Scotland Performs provides a mechanism, via 7 Purpose Targets and 45 National Indicators, for measuring progress in relation to the five Strategic Objectives.

The two main aims of these Technical Notes are to provide sufficient public accountability on the robustness of the measurement issues, and to ensure a shared understanding of the details of the Indicators and Targets. They provide fuller details on the specific methodology and on the sources of data used.

Purpose Targets

Purpose target 1 - Economic growth (GDP)

Purpose target 2 - Productivity

Purpose target 3 - Participation

Purpose target 4 - Population

Purpose target 5 - Solidarity

Purpose target 6 - Cohesion

Purpose target 7 - Sustainability

National Indicators

National indicator 1 - At least halve the gap in total research and development spending compared with EU average by 2011

National indicator 2 - Increase the business start-up rate.

National indicator 3 - Grow exports at a faster average rate than GDP

National indicator 4 - Improve public sector efficiency through the generation of 2% cash releasing efficiency savings per annum

National indicator 5 - Improve people's perceptions of the quality of public services delivered

National indicator 6 - Reduce the number of Scottish public bodies by 25% by 2011

National indicator 7 - Reduce the proportion of driver journeys delayed due to traffic congestion

National indicator 8 - Increase the percentage of Scottish domiciled graduates from Scottish Higher Education Institutions

National indicator 9 - Improve knowledge transfer from research activity in universities

National indicator 10 - Increase the proportion of school leavers (from Scottish publicly funded schools) in positive and sustained destinations (FE, HE, employment or training)

National indicator 11 - Increase the proportion of schools receiving positive inspection reports

National indicator 12 - Reduce number of working age people with severe literacy and numeracy problems

National indicator 13 - Child protection inspection findings: increase the overall proportion of local authority areas receiving positive inspection reports

National indicator 14 - Decrease the proportion of individuals living in poverty

National indicator 15 - 60% of school children in primary 1 will have no signs of dental disease by 2010

National indicator 16 - Improve the quality of healthcare experience

National indicator 17 - Increase the proportion of pre-school centres receiving positive inspection reports

National indicator 18 - Increase the social economy turnover

National indicator 19 - Reduce the rate of increase in the proportion of children with their Body Mass Index outwith a healthy range by 2018

National indicator 20 - Increase the average score of adults on the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale by 2011

National indicator 21 - Increase healthy life expectancy at birth in the most deprived areas

National indicator 22 - Reduce the percentage of the adult population who smoke to 22% by 2010

National indicator 23 - Reduce alcohol related hospital admissions by 2011

National indicator 24 - Achieve annual milestones for reducing inpatient or day case waiting times culminating in the delivery of an 18 week referral to treatment time from December 2011

National indicator 25 - Reduce proportion of people aged 65 and over admitted as emergency inpatients 2 or more times in a single year

National indicator 26 - Reduce mortality from coronary heart disease among the under 75s in deprived areas

National indicator 27 - Increase the percentage of people aged 65 and over with high levels of care needs who are cared for at home

National indicator 28 - All unintentionally homeless households will be entitled to settled accommodation by 2012

National indicator 29 - Reduce overall reconviction rates by 2 percentage points by 2011

National indicator 30 - Reduce overall crime victimisation rates by 2 percentage points by 2011

National indicator 31 - Increase the percentage of criminal cases dealt with within 26 weeks by 3 percentage points by 2011

National indicator 32 - Increase the rate of new house building

National indicator 33 - Increase the percentage of adults who rate their neighbourhood as a good place to live

National indicator 34 - Decrease the estimated number of problem drug users in Scotland by 2011

National indicator 35 - Increase positive public perception of the general crime rate in local area

National indicator 36 - Reduce overall ecological footprint

National indicator 37 - Increase to 95% the proportion of protected nature sites in favourable condition

National indicator 38 - Improve the state of Scotland's Historic Buildings, monuments and environment

National indicator 39 - Biodiversity: increase the index of abundance of terrestrial breeding birds

National indicator 40 - Increase the proportion of journeys to work made by public or active transport

National indicator 41 - Increase the proportion of adults making one or more visits to the outdoors per week

National indicator 42 - 50% of electricity generated in Scotland to come from renewable sources by 2020 (interim target of 31% by 2011)

National indicator 43 - Reduce to 1.32 million tonnes waste sent to landfill by 2010

National indicator 44 - Ensure 70% key commercial fish stocks at full reproductive capacity and harvested sustainably by 2015

National indicator 45 - Improve people's perceptions, attitudes and awareness of Scotland's reputation