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Other Useful Documents

You can download the following documents, which provide advice and support to landlords and tenants:


Short assured tenancy
  • AT5 form – an AT5 form must be issued to tenants before they sign their lease to create a short assured tenancy.


Short Assured Tenancy agreement
  • Model Short Assured Tenancy Agreement – City of Edinburgh Council has provided a model tenancy agreement for use in Scotland by private landlords who want to create short assured tenancy.


Ending a tenancy
  • Notice to Quit (Assured and Short Assured Tenancy) form – a City of Edinburgh Council model notice to quit form for use by a landlord wishing to recover possession of an assured or short assured tenancy.
  • Section 33 Notice – a form to be used by a landlord seeking to recover possession of a short assured tenancy.
  • AT6 Notice – an AT6 form is required by landlords who want to recover possession of an assured or short assured tenancy.


Energy efficiency
  • Energy Performance Certificate – a sample Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). EPCs show a property’s energy efficiency rating.
  • Green Deal – more information on the UK Government’s Green Deal, which is designed to help householders increase the energy efficiency of their property.


Fire safety


Harassment and unlawful eviction