Recent Changes

Date PublishedDatasetChanges
23/10/2017Status of native wintering swans and waterbirds: 1966-20132013 data added
30/09/2017Pesticide poisoning of animals: confirmed incidents involving pesticide poisoning: 1990-20152015 data added.
30/09/2017Catches of wild salmon and associated effort: 1952-20162016 data added.
30/09/2017Catches of wild salmon, grilse and sea trout: 1986-20162016 data added.
30/09/2017River water quality indicator: 1992-20162016 data added.
30/09/2017Distribution of mean orthophosphate concentrations 1993-2015, % of sites within each band2015 data added
30/09/2017Distribution of mean nitrate concentrations in rivers 2000-2015, % of sites within each band2015 data added
30/09/2017Coastal bathing waters - assessment against the standards in EC Bathing Waters Directive (2006/7/EC): 2015-2016New dataset
30/09/2017Activity concentrations in milk: 1959-20152015 data added.
30/09/2017Concentrations of caesium-137 and tritium in rain, air and depositions at two Scottish sites: 1961-20152013 data added
30/09/2017Greenhouse gas emissions (MtCO2)(1) by SG sector classification (2), weighted by global warming potential: 1990-20132013 data added.
30/09/2017Percentage area of sensitive habitats at risk from acid and nutrient nitrogen deposition, 1995-1997 to 2013-20152013-2015 data added.
23/01/2017Standing volume of timber harvested (thousands of cubic metres overbark): 1985-20152015 data added.
09/02/2016Drinking water quality tests by local authority during 2004-20142014 data added.
04/11/2015Noise pollution in ScotlandLinks changed
06/10/2015Fish landings in Scotland by UK vesselsUpdated links
17/11/2014UK Oil and Gas ReservesMetadata updated.
17/11/2014Compliance with the Freshwater Fish Directive (2006/44/EC): 1989-20132013 data added.
04/11/2014Coastal bathing waters - compliance with the EC Bathing Waters Directive (76/160/EEC): 1988-20142014 data added.
29/09/2014Area of certified woodlandDescription changed.
21/08/2014Visits to the OutdoorsSource changed
03/03/2014Changes in plant species richness: 1990-2007Updated Pivot Table
03/03/2014Public water supplies, average daily yield and demand: 1981/1982 - 2005/2006Updated Pivot Table
18/02/2014Status of BAP species and habitats: 2005 and 2008Updated links
13/02/2014Percentage of household waste and all waste collected on or behalf of councils that was recycled by council area: 1996/1997-2011/2012Metadata Updated
04/02/2014Waste items recycled by households by local authority: 2003-2004 -2011Refined rounding. Approx. 3% of figures are 1 percent point lower. Added in 2011 figures for larger LA.
16/01/2014SSSIs, National Scenic Areas, Country Parks, Regional Parks and Local Nature ReservesUpdated metadata
15/01/2014Radon measurements in homes by postcode area: 1980-2008 combinedUpdated links
29/10/2013Local Authority Collected Municipal Solid Waste (LACMSW) Arisings and Treatment: 2000/01-2011/12Links updated.
29/10/2013Scottish Household SurveyMetadata updated
24/10/2013Noise complaints received by councils and those resulting in formal action: 1996/97 - 2008/2009Links updated.
24/10/2013Abundance of Scottish Seabirds, 1969/1970 - 1998/2002Links updated
10/05/2013Estimated exposure of the population to all sources of radiation: 2003 and 20102010 data added.
21/01/2013Broad Habitat Change ('000s ha): 1990 - 2007Links updated
28/08/2012Carbon Concentrations of Soils: 1978-2007Metadata added. No new data.
21/08/2012The Scottish Environmental Attitudes and Behaviours Survey 2008Metadata added.
02/03/2012Forestry planting and restockingnew link.
10/01/2011Status of Widespread Breeding Land BirdsBroken links fixed
27/09/2010Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2009: Sustainable Places and Greenspacenew link.
07/05/2010National Otter Surveys: 1977-1979, 1984-1986, 1991-1994, 2003-2004.New link.