Scottish Environment Statistics Online (SESO) is a database of statistics for a range of environmental categories.

To find the data you require, first choose the relevant topic from the Scottish Environment Statistics Online Index. You will then be presented with a list of tables for that topic. (The Supplementary Tables include data on population and energy consumption.) There are also external datasets not held on the database, to which links are provided (found under External Datasets).

Data held on SESO

ExcelClick on the name of a table to select the data that you wish to view on screen, or click on the Excel icon to download the full dataset, including source details, commentary and links. (If you choose to download an Excel file, you may notice that the file includes hidden sheets, rows and columns. These contain information used to generate the Internet pages.) The Excel version will also include a pivot table and a pivot chart.

If you choose to view the data on screen, you will be presented with a set of one or more lists, e.g. year etc. Select as required from each list and then click the button Submit. To make a selection from the listed items, either hold down the 'Ctrl' key and click each item required, or click the first item and hold down the mouse button whilst scrolling down the list.

Either before or after you click on Submit, you may wish to view the Source Details, the Commentary or a set of Links to related websites. By clicking on one of these buttons, the relevant information will be presented in a separate window.

Data not held on SESO (listed separately as external datasets)

If you select an external dataset, you will be provided with summary information detailing where you will be redirected together with details of the relevant tables. The data may be held on other parts of the Scottish Government website or external sites. Other relevant Links will be listed below.

National Statistics

Green TickDatasets are accompanied by a green tick if they comply with the UK Statistics Authority Code of Practice and are assessed as National Statistics. SESO itself is an Official Statistics dissemination tool, but includes some National Statistics datasets.

Popular Datasets
Links to the 10 most active datasets on SESO.

Recent Changes
Records updates and changes to SESO.

Site Map
Links to every internal and external dataset found on SESO.

User Feedback

If you have any problems or suggestions for improving Scottish Environment Statistics Online (SESO), please contact the Scottish Government Environment Statistics Branch at