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Public Attitudes

Public Attitudes

Conducted surveys help to identify what the public sees as the most significant environmental issues and how they should be tackled. It also measures public attitudes to environmental behaviours such as recycling or littering, levels of concern for environmental issues and reactions to environmental changes. It is important to understand the public’s views on the environment in order to inform the development of specific policies, but also to promote a better quality of life through the use and enjoyment of Scotland’s physical environments.

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The datasets below do not have an Excel file available as the data is not held within the Scottish Environment Statistics Online database.

External DatasetsNational
Public Attitudes to Access to the Countryside
Public Attitudes to the Environment in Scotland 2002
Public Attitudes to Windfarms
Public Perceptions of 'Wildness' in Scotland
Scottish Household SurveyNational Statistic
Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2009: Sustainable Places and Greenspace
The Scottish Environmental Attitudes and Behaviours Survey 2008
Visits to the Outdoors