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Area of certified woodland

Metaname Metavalue
Source Forestry Commission - Woodland Statistics time series data
Description Time series data for certified woodland areas from 2002 to 2014 are available from the Woodland Statistics section of the Forestry Commission website. The data are available at Scotland and UK level. The time series data can be downloaded, either as an Excel file or in a pdf format.
Quality Assurance$FILE/qrwapr.pdf
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Methodology Note$FILE/mnwoodarea.pdf
Website address
National Statistics Status National Statistics
Forestry Commission: Economics and Statistics This section of the FC website contains statistics on Forestry Commission and non-Forestry Commission woodland, including the latest 'Forestry Statistics' and 'Forestry Facts and Figures' publications.
The UK Woodland Assurance Standard: 2nd Edition Document details the woodland management practices required in order for an area of woodland to be certified.$FILE/UKWASGUIDE.PDF