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Gross Domestic Product


Latest Publication

The latest release is the Scotland’s GDP First Estimate, 2019 Quarter 3 (18 December 2019)

The next release will be the GDP Quarterly National Accounts, Scotland on 29 January 2020


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The most recent headline figures
       Summary of Key Findings 2 Page  Summary (pdf)
       Detailed Results and Commentary

Full Publication (pdf)

       Table of Headline Results Table 1.1 (Excel)
Data from the most recent publication
       Open data Open data platform
       Detailed Services Industries (Quarterly, 1998-present)
Table 1.2(Excel)
       Detailed Production Industries (Quarterly, 1998-present) Table 1.3 (Excel)
       Historic GDP Estimates (Annual, 1963-present) Table 1.4 (Excel)
       Detailed UK Comparisons Table 1.5 (Excel)
Background information
       How the figures are calculated Methodology Guide
       What data sources are used Sources catalogue
       Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
Other sources of GDP data
       Cash value of GDP, onshore and including offshore GDP Quarterly National Accounts
       The relative size of industries in the economy Supply and Use Tables
Analysis: Identifying clusters of industries  
       Summary of clusters of industries Full Publication (pdf)
       How the clusters are produced Methodology Guide
       Detailed clusters of industries (Quarterly, 1998-present) Tables (Excel)