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Scottish Energy Advisory Board

The Scottish Government is committed to Scotland achieving its full potential in energy generation and supply.  That is why, in May 2009, the First Minister established the Scottish Energy Advisory Board (SEAB) for high-level, effective, open and informed engagement between ministers, the energy industry and other relevant bodies on the main challenges facing the energy sector in Scotland.

The Board is jointly chaired by the First Minister and Professor Jim McDonald, Principal of the University of Strathclyde.  It meets at least twice annually and brings together industry experts, academics, public sector bodies and consumer representatives to work collectively to deliver Scotland’s energy potential and secure Scotland’s energy future.  The strategic guidance provided by the Scottish Energy Advisory Board is already driving action in a number of areas such as skills, infrastructure and low carbon investment.  Further details on the Board’s membership and remit and its vision for Scotland’s energy sector can be found below:

As the energy sector is made up of a number of industry subsectors with different characteristics and challenges, the First Minister has created five themed subgroups.  The subgroups have clear terms of reference; are accountable to the Scottish Energy Advisory Board; and, like the Board, they provide advice to ministers and to our enterprise bodies on the challenges and opportunities in their particular sector.  The five themed subgroups are:

  • the Renewables Industry Leadership Group;
  • the Oil and Gas Industry Leadership Group;
  • the Thermal Generation and Carbon Capture and Storage Industry Leadership Group;
  • the Skills Industry Leadership Group; and
  • the Economics and Grid Industry Leadership Group.