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Carbon Assessment of the 2014-15 Draft Budget

Carbon Assessment of the 2014-15 Draft Budget

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ISBN: 9781782568599

Estimate of the consumption-based carbon emissions generated by planned budget expenditure.

Executive Summary

It is estimated that total emissions resulting from the 2014-15 Draft Budget will be 6.6 Mt CO2-equivalent.

This year’s analysis demonstrates that reductions in the emissions intensity of different industries are driving down the estimated carbon impact of the future budgets.

This assessment indicates that the amount of carbon for each pound of expenditure across the different areas of Government spending does not vary greatly.

‘Second-round’ emissions that may result from Government spending and the use of public goods and services, whether beneficial in terms of reducing emissions (e.g. spending on energy efficiency or afforestation) or negative in terms of increasing emissions (e.g. road use) are not captured.