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Strategic Research 2011-2016

The Scottish Government's Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services Division (RESAS) is funding a portfolio of Strategic Research over 2011-16 that aims to build a platform of knowledge that strengthens policy and contributes to the delivery of national outcomes and the Scottish Government's single purpose.

Knowledge exchange - getting the research findings to people who can use them - is an essential part of the research commissioned and an area where the Main Research Providers (MRPs) have widely acknowledged strengths. Knowledge exchange activities have an outward facing, wealth creation focus, stimulating innovation, exploiting intellectual property rights and engaging with industry. MRPs use a collaborative initiative, knowledgescotland, to help deliver key outputs from the scientific community to policymakers in Scotland and beyond.

Impacts - The impacts of the research are expected to contribute particularly to the Wealthier, Healthier and Greener strategic objectives of the Scottish Government and thus to help deliver sustainable economic growth.

Scottish Government Rural Affairs and the Environment - Strategic Research Strategy 2011 - 2016

The Research Portfolio

Underpinning Capacity

£9.0m (2015-16) is being invested in underpinning capacity at the Main Research Providers. This reflects the CAMERAS priority of supporting nationally important capability and resource and ensures the maintenance and accessibility of important data and collections. The skills and capacity at the Main Research Providers are also being supported through the development of new areas of science and leveraging of other funding.

Further information on Underpinning Capacity.

Strategic Research Programmes

£31.7m (2015-16) is being invested in two five-year multidisciplinary Research Programmes to help answer some of the big issues on the policy agenda such as climate change, land use and food security. The Programmes aim to have an impact through the development of effective Government policy and also to benefit a wider group of stakeholders. The multidisciplinary nature of the research will help to provide more integrated evidence to address complex problems.

Further information on the Strategic Research Programmes

Centres of Expertise and Strategic Partnerships

£8.4m (2015-16) is being invested in new collaborative initiatives with Scottish Universities to address Scottish Government priorities in policy development, innovation and scientific excellence. Three Centres of Expertise aim to develop innovative approaches to policy needs by drawing on Scotland's scientific expertise in a co-ordinated manner. Two Strategic Partnerships are working in sectors with high growth potential.

Further information on the Centres of Expertise

Further information on the Strategic Partnerships