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Linking to Marine Scotland MAPS NMPi WMS & WFS

Layers in Marine Scotland MAPS NMPi are also available as Web Map Services (WMS). A selection of layers are also available through our Web Feature Service.

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Most of the layers visible on Marine Scotland MAPS NMPi are available via WMS with the exception of some third party data.

Enter the address below into your WMS client:

You can view the capabilities of this service at the Geoserver Welcome page:

You can also browse layers, create images of layers and open mini-viewers for layers via the Layer Preview link on this page. If NMPI users are utilising the WMS in GIS, any maps produced should acknowledge Marine Scotland MAPS NMPi as the source of the feed and the third party data owner as the data source. Some copyrighted material may require the consent of the data owner for any reproduction, adaptation, manipulation, extraction or other use. Images from Marine Scotland MAPS NMPi based on such data should not be reproduced by third parties without checking with the data owner.

For details of the data owner follow the NMPI i button icon from a layer to the accompanying Marine Scotland Information page. The ‘Data Originators’ field identifies the data owner.


Marine Scotland makes data available for view and download under the EU INSPIRE directive and UK Open Data initiatives. These services only contain layers which are maintained by Marine Scotland and available under Open Government Licence.

Enter the address below into your WMS client:

Enter the address below into your WFS client:

Metadata, including resource constraints, for these services and the associated layers is available via