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Planning Scotland's Seas

Over the summer of 2013, Marine Scotland consulted on a number of proposals to take forward integrated marine planning for Scotland’s seas. All of the documents related to this consultation, known as "Planning Scotland Seas", are available through this webpage, including updates on the progress of the different projects:

  • Marine Planning, including integration with Terrestrial Planning
  • Marine Protected Areas, including Priority Marine Features
  • Offshore Renewable Energy, including draft Sectoral Marine Plans


24/07/2014: 30 MPAs Designated
Following the 2013 Marine Protected Areas element of the Planning Scotland’s Seas Consultation 30 new Nature Conservation MPAs have been designated. These have been designated in both Scottish territorial and offshore waters and will contribute to a network to conserve rare or representative species and habitats, allowing them to remain healthy and productive as well as to recover more sensitive species and habitats to a more natural condition.

29/05/2014: Draft National Marine Plan – Independent Investigation
Planning Aid Scotland has been appointed to undertake an independent investigation of the proposals contained in the draft National Marine Plan. As the independent investigator, Planning Aid Scotland will make reasoned recommendations on the draft Plan. This is in exercise of the powers conferred by the Marine (Scotland) Act and UK Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009.

Planning Scotland's Seas

Communications and Engagement

As part of the Planning Scotland’s Seas Consultation process, Marine Scotland undertook a range of engagement activities. The Statement of Public Participation sets out the approach to engagement for the National Marine Plan, including a series of public events which were held around Scotland between August and October 2013 to advise and inform stakeholders on the proposals.

Supporting Documents

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

Latest Update (Post consultation: July 2014)

The Consultation Process

Priority Marine Features

Offshore Renewable Energy

Draft Sectoral Marine Plans