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marine planning

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Supporting Documents & Systems

  • Scotland Marine Atlas

The evidence base for the national marine plan is Scotland's Marine Atlas and the additional fisheries maps which are available at the bottom of this page.

  • National Marine Plan interactive (NMPi)

Marine Scotland’s on-line, interactive mapping system making spatial data available to marine stakeholders in an easily accessible form to assist with the implementation of marine planning.

National Marine Plan Online

The creation of the National Marine Plan has involved a wide range of supporting documents and information.

The purpose of these pages is to provide one web area where you can find all of the documents mentioned in the Plan, as well as other useful information.

This section has been structured to mirror the chapter layout of the plan and for each heading (e.g. Fisheries or Aggregates) you will find a page with links to supporting documents or other relevant links. Immediately below is information that overarches the whole plan:


July 2019
MS Maps NMPI Update: including details about newly added layers, updated layers, layers in preparation, gaps and areas where data are sparse & the latest technological updates and enhancements.