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Marine Enforcement

Key facts
  • The seas around Scotland will benefit from the enhanced enforcement powers of marine conservation and licensing the Bill brings.
  • Marine Scotland will have a leading role in enforcement in our seas (with the exception of activities such as oil and gas).
  • Powers to enforce nature conservation legislation and marine licensing will be enhanced by the Scottish Marine Bill.
  • Marine Scotland will work closely with the UK Marine Management Organisation to ensure adequate levels of compliance monitoring and enforcement around the UK.
Frequently Asked Questions
How will you deal with offenders who work across borders?
  • Scottish and UK enforcement officers will have the powers necessary to pursue breaches across the border and investigate suspects. This is similar to the arrangements for the police.
Who will pay for the enforcement?
  • The plan is to have one set of officers in Marine Scotland enforcing marine planning and conservation powers as well as fisheries regulations.
  • The use of existing resources of Marine Scotland, which integrates the former Sea Fisheries Protection Agency, will provide efficiencies in doing so.