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Marine Bill Background

The Sustainable Seas Task Force, a national stakeholder group representing a diversity of marine interests, was formed in 2008 to develop proposals for marine legislation and lay the foundations for a public consultation. The Task Force considered issues relating to marine nature conservation, marine planning, marine licensing and enforcement, science and data and a proposed marine management organisation.

Marine legislation and policies have been developed over time at a national, European and international level and their development has gathered significant momentum over the last few years. The Task Force work built on and took forward the conclusions of the Advisory Group on Marine and Coastal Strategy (AGMACS) and the Environment and Rural Development Committee Marine Inquiry, published in March 2007.

Scotland's Seas - Towards Understanding Their State was jointly produced by Fisheries Research Services, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Scottish Natural Heritage, and was published on 9 April 2008. This is an initial summary of what data is available for the marine environment. This document is the starting point for understanding the state of the marine environment in Scotland and will help to assess and monitor the success of the new legislative framework brought about by the Scottish Marine Bill.