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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Crown Estate?

The Crown Estate is a collection of ancient rights, functions and assets owned by the Monarch.

What has been devolved?

The existing Scottish functions, rights and liabilities currently managed by the Crown Estate, including leasing of the seabed out to 12 nautical miles and rights to renewable energy, cables and pipelines on the Continental Shelf; 37,000 hectares of rural land; gold and silver; and approximately half of Scotland’s foreshore including 5,800 licensed moorings, 750 aquaculture sites, and salmon fishing rights.*

*source: The Crown Estate Scotland Portfolio Update 2015/16

Only the management and the revenue generated from the assets in Scotland has been devolved. The Monarch continues to own the assets. 

What are the interim arrangements?

Under the interim arrangements, the Crown Estate in Scotland is managed on an interim basis by a single public corporation, from the point of devolution (1 April 2017). The legal name of the interim body is Crown Estate Scotland (Interim Management).  There will be members, consisting of a Chairperson and up to eight other Board members; and staff – including a Chief Executive. There will be reporting arrangements that are usual for a public body.

What are the longer term arrangements?

We ran a public consultation on the long-term management of the Crown Estate in Scotland from 4 January to 29 March 2017. The consultation was an opportunity to help shape that new framework which will require legislation at the Scottish Parliament.  Responses from this consultation are currently being analysed and will inform decisions on the long term framework for management of the Crown Estate in Scotland, including opportunities for further devolution, going forward.