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Marine Analytical Unit

Scotland's Marine Economy

The remit of the Marine Analytical Unit (MAU), part of Marine Scotland Science, is to ensure that Marine Scotland is able to access quality socio-economic advice and analysis to ensure effective policy development and operational delivery.

Amongst other priorities, it provides evidence that is used to develop policies which encourage the continued growth and future development of a range of existing and new marine sectors, such as aquaculture, fisheries and renewable energy, which form part of Scotland’s Growth Sectors.


  • policy development for the marine economy and marine environment
  • the operational delivery of Marine Scotland’s functions
  • the development of an evidence base that is fully integrated with the natural sciences
  • the industry, through the processing of quota swaps between Producer Organisations and the provision of quota uptake data and fisheries management information
  • the dissemination of information to the wider public by publishing an annual Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics Bulletin, displaying a range of management information on the internet and providing statistical information on request


  • quota and effort uptake, through a series of weekly and monthly reports
  • the Scottish Government Performance Indicator “to improve the state of Scotland’s marine environment” with a biannual review


  • fisheries management information systems
  • the fishing effort reference database

The MAU contains professional statisticians, economists and an operational researcher and each of the disciplines has a unique and complementary contribution to make to provide the evidence, understanding and diagnosis of the root causes of social, economic and environmental issues and trends.