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Marine and Fisheries

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Marine Scotland Open Data Network (MSODN)

Marine Scotland Open Data Network logoMarine Scotland gathers and uses a wide range of data and information as part of its work and has developed a number of platforms to make data and information available, following on from the Marine Atlas in 2011. These are brought together in an integrated suite, featured below.

MSODN Members

Marine Scotland Information

Marine Scotland information logo

Marine Scotland INFORMATION (MSI) is the home for information, interactive maps, larger geospatial data and other related data to support the maps layers on Marine Scotland MAPS NMPi and also to host the pages previously known as Marine Scotland interactive.

Marine Scotland INFORMATION combines all of these resources into one central location where users can search, view and download various maps and data.

Marine Scotland Maps NMPi

Marine Scotland MAPS NMPI logo

Marine Scotland MAPS NMPi (National Marine Plan interactive) is an online, interactive GIS-based tool allowing you to view different types of information (as layers) at a scale of your choice and undertake a number of functions with the maps layers including creating maps for printing. Where possible links have been provided to related parts of Scotland's Marine Atlas, updated graphs and data as well as links to data sources to facilitate data download. New data are regularly being added.

Registered users can develop their own data layers.

Marine Scotland Data

Marine Scotland Data logo

Marine Scotland DATA is a dedicated portal that will allow you to search Marine Scotland's published datasets and reports. Citation information for these datasets is provided through the use of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs). The portal is being developed, and new content is being added all the time.

Marine Scotland DATA will provide a single point of access to Marine Scotland’s published data, and allow everyone to explore, download, share and cite those data.

Marine Atlas

Scotland's Marine Atlas coverScotland's Marine Atlas - Information for the National Marine Plan is an assessment of the condition of Scotland's seas, based on scientific evidence from data and analysis, supported by expert judgement.

It provides baseline information from which the national marine plan will be developed.