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Dr Sarah Hughes

Dr Sarah HughesTelephone: +44 (0)131 244 3195

E-mail:  s.hughes@marlab.ac.uk or sarah.hughes@gov.scot

Address: Marine Scotland, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB, Scotland, UK

Research Interests

My main area of work is developing a better understanding of the impacts of climate change and climate variability on the ecosystem of Scottish waters. This involves synthesising monitoring data to provide summaries of the state of Scottish waters. I am interested in regional and temporal variability of hydrographic conditions in Scottish Shelf Seas. I have recently finished a project to examine the seasonal variability in the Atlantic Inflow on the east Shetland shelf.


I collaborate  with scientists around the North Atlantic region, through the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) in particular at the ICES Working Group on Oceanic Hydrography. I was editor of the ICES Report on Ocean Climate between 2000 and 2010. I also work with researchers in other oceanographic institutes within the UK, e.g. CEFAS, NOC and SAMS and at institutes throughout Scotland via the MASTS programme. I am an honorary research fellow at the University of Aberdeen and lecture on their MSc programme.

External Committees and Responsibilities

I am a member of the Ocean Processes Evidence Group, which provides evidence to the UK and Scottish Governments on the. I am a lead author for the Marine Climate Impacts Partnership (MCCIP)

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Most Recent Publications

  • Mork, K.A., Skagseth, Ø., Ivshin, V., Ozhigin, V., Hughes, S.L., Valdimarsson, H. (2014) Advective and atmospheric forced changes in heat and fresh water content in the Norwegian Sea, 1951-2010. Geophysical Research Letters, Online first. DOI: 10.1002/2014GL061038
  • Hughes, S. L. (2014), Inflow of Atlantic Water to the North Sea: Seasonal Variability on the East Shetland Shelf, 333 pp, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen.
  • Dye, S., N. P. Holliday, S. L. Hughes, M. E. Inall, K. Kennington, T. J. Smyth, J. Tinker, O. Andres, and A. Beszczynska-Moller (2013), Impacts of climate change on salinity.
  • Dye, S., S. L. Hughes, J. Tinker, D. I. Berry, N. P. Holliday, E. C. Kent, K. Kennington, M. E. Inall, T. J. Smyth, G. Nolan, K. Lyons, O. Andres, and A. Beszczynska-Moller (2013), Impacts of climate change on temperature (Air and Sea).
  • Holt, J., S. L. Hughes, J. Hopkins, S. L. Wakelin, N. P. Holliday, T. Shammon, R. Proctor, G. Tatersall, and B. Ward (2012), Multi-decadal trends and variability of the temperature of the northwest European continental shelf: a model-data synthesis, Progress in Oceanography, 96-117.
  • Hughes, S. L., N. P. Holliday, F. Gaillard, and the ICES Working Group on Oceanic Hydrography (2012), Variability in the ICES/NAFO region between 1950 and 2009: observations from the ICES Report on Ocean Climate, ICES Journal of Marine Science: Journal du Conseil, 69(5), 706-719

Other Publications

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