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Ross Gardiner

Ross GardinerTelephone: +44 (0)131 244 0467

E-mail: ross.gardiner@gov.scot

Address: Marine Scotland, Freshwater Laboratory Faskally, Pitlochry, Perthshire PH16 5LB

Research Interests

Diadromous and freshwater fish species and factors influencing their ecology, distribution, survival and production. Currently advising on diadromous fish and fisheries issues in relation to marine renewables and other marine developments.


I communicate and have collaborated with many fishery scientists both based in the UK and overseas.

External Committees and Responsibilities

Currently member of the ICES sea trout working group, participates in SEPA Fish and Fisheries Advisory Group, member of MeyGen Advisory Group, Scientific Officer of The Grayling Society and a Trustee of The Grayling Research Trust.

Most Recent Publications

  • Winfield, I.J., Adams, C.E., Armstrong, J.D., Gardiner, R., Kirika, A., Montgomery, J., Spears, B.M., Stewart, D.C., Thorpe, J.E. and Wilson, W. (2012) Changes in the fish community of Loch Leven: untangling anthropogenic pressures.  Hydrobiologia 681 (1),73-84.
  • Stewart, D.C, Middlemas, S.J., Gardiner, W.R., Mackay, S. and Armstrong, J.D. (2005). Diet and prey selection of cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo) at Loch Leven, a major stocked trout fishery. Journal of Zoology 267(2), 191-201.
  • Davies, C.E., Shelley, J., McLean I.F.G., Gardiner, R. and Peirson, G. (2004). Freshwater Fishes in Britain: the species and their distribution. Harley Books, Colchester. 176 pp.
  • Gardiner, R. (2003). Identifying Lamprey. A Field Key for Sea, River and Brook Lamprey. Conserving Nature Rivers Conservation Techniques Series No.4. English Nature, Peterborough. 27pp.
  • Doughty, R. and Gardiner, R. (2003).  The return of salmon to cleaner rivers: A Scottish perspective. In: Mills, D. Salmon at the Edge. pp. 175-185. Blackwell Science, Oxford.

Additional Publications

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