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Dr Matt Gubbins

Dr Matt GubbinsTelephone:   +44 (0)131 244 3746
E-mail:        matthew.gubbins@gov.scot
Address:     Marine Scotland Science, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, ABERDEEN AB11 9DB

Research Interests

Developing the evidence base for Marine Spatial Planning in Scotland; aquaculture planning, licensing and the environmental effects of aquaculture on marine systems; shellfish hygiene and marine biotoxins; marine ecotoxicology and monitoring the biological effects of contaminants; monitoring and assessment of environmental status for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.


I have active and ongoing collaborations with SAMS (Marine Spatial Planning and Aquaculture), Heriot-Watt University (PhD student supervision) and the University of Aberdeen (supervision of research fellow through MarCRF; NERC CORPORATES project) as well as extensive previous collaborations across the UK, ICES and OSPAR marine science communities.

External Committees and Responsibilities

  • ICES Working Groups: Biological Effects of Contaminants (Chair 2011-2013); Marine Planning and Coastal Zone Management; Aquaculture
  • MASTS Productive Seas Theme steering group
  • OSPAR Intersessional Correspondence Group on Marine Spatial Planning
  • MarCRF (Aberdeen University collaboration) steering group
  • Ministerial Group for Sustainable Aquaculture Capacity Working Group

Most Recent Publications

  • Matt Gubbins, Ian Bricknell and Matt Service. 2013. Impacts of climate change on aquaculture MCCIP Science Review 2013: 317-326.
  • M.J. Gubbins, M. Huet, R.M. Mann, C. Minier (2012). Impairments of endocrine functions: case studies. Chapter 9 in Ecological biomarkers: Indicators of toxicological effects. C. Amiard-Triquet Ed. Taylor and Francis LLC.
  • MJ Gubbins. Scottish Aquaculture Regulation: Licence and Authorisation Requirements for Fish and Shellfish Farms in Scottish Waters. Invited speaker Hamburg International Environmental Law Conference (HIELC) Hamburg, October 2013.
  • MJ Gubbins (2012). SOTEAG rocky shore monitoring programme. TBT contamination in Sullom Voe, Shetland. 2011 dogwhelk survey. Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science, 3(5), 32 pp.
  • M. Gubbins, M. Snow, G. Hermann, J. Dias, D. McLennan, I. Matejosova, D. Pendrey, L. Munro (2011) Mytilus trossulus: Managing impact on sustainable mussel production in Scotland. Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum 064. Final Report.