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Kirsty Wright

Personal detailsKirsty Wright

Telephone: 0131 244 3600
Email: kirsty.wright@gov.scot
Address: Marine Scotland Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB

Research Interests

My research interests are marine spatial planning (MSP) and offshore renewable energy. I am currently working on an EU co-funded INTERREG North Sea Region Programme project, ‘A North Sea Perspective on Shipping, Energy and Environmental Aspects in Maritime Spatial Planning’ (NorthSEE). Marine Scotland is the work package lead on energy. Our main aim is to encourage cooperation and harmonisation between North Sea countries on transnational maritime spatial planning.


I collaborate with researchers across the UK and Europe but at the moment, most of my collaboration is with MSP and energy authorities and associated institutes and universities around the North Sea. NorthSEE partner countries include Belgium, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

External Committees and Responsibilities

I am responsible for  the successful completion of the NorthSEE Project, submission of project outputs to INTERREG and European Commission and reporting and providing evidence to support the Scottish Government’s claim for project costs and expenses.


  • Kafas, A., Ripken, M., Wright, K., Billet, M., Sangiuliano, S., Ooms, E., Scheffler, U. et al. (2017) Status quo report on offshore energy planning provisions in the North Sea Region, NorthSEE project, INTERREG North Sea Region Programme, Grant agreement 38-2-2-15.
  • Scott, B.E., Irvine, K.N., Byg, A., Gubbins, M., Kafas, A., Kenter, J., MacDonald, A., O’Hara Murray, R., Potts, T., Slater, A.M., Tweddle, J.F., Wright, K., Davies, I.M. (2016) The Cooperative Participatory Evaluation of Renewable Technologies on Ecosystem Services (CORPORATES) Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Vol 7 No 1.