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Dr Iveta Matejusova

Telephone: +44 (0)131 244 3215Dr Iveta Matejusova

Mobile: +44 7837163124

E-mail: Iveta.Matejusova@gov.scot

Marine Scotland Science, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB, Scotland, UK

Research Interests

I have research interests in fish and shellfish health (viral, bacterial and parasitic disease), molecular epidemiology and food safety. Specifically, I am interested in evolution of aquatic pathogens, biotic and abiotic factors driving the emergence of aquatic diseases, genetic markers for pathogen virulence, identification of origin of disease outbreaks and understanding the spread of pathogens in aquatic environment. My research also contributes to discovery of genetic markers for species identification, disease resistance, increased meat yield in fish and shellfish for selective breeding and eradication of economically damaging species in aquaculture such as Mytilus trossulus. I am also involved in food safety research, particularly in developing methods to distinguish and quantify viable, infectious particles of Norovirus in variety of shellfish species. Finally, I am interested in marine ecology, predominantly in zooplankton metagenomics, seal diet and assessment of impacts of seal predation.


I collaborate with scientist in University of Aberdeen, University of Stirling, University of St Andrews, Norwegian Veterinary Institute in Oslo, Marine Institute in Galway, University College Cork, the Danish Technical University in Copenhagen, Food and Veterinary Authority in Tórshavn, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) in Nanaimo, The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

External Committees and Responsibilities

I am member of the MASTS Sustainable Aquaculture Forum, the Shellfish Forum Working Group section of the Ministerial Working Group for Sustainable Aquaculture and MarCRF Steering Group. I supervise PhD and MSc students from the University of Aberdeen, Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen and University of Stirling. I am also an Invited reviewer for several scientific journals.

Most Recent Publications

  • COTTIER-COOK E.J., MINCHIN D., GIESLER R., GRAHAM J., MOGG A., SAYER M.D.J., Matějusová I., (2019): Biosecurity implications of the highly invasive carpet sea-squirt Didemnum vexillum Kott, 2002 for a protected area of global significance. Management of Biological Invasions 10(2): 311-323.
  • GALLAGHER M.D., Matějusová I., NGUYEN L., FALK K., RUANE N., MACQUEEN D.J. (2018): Nanopore sequencing for rapid diagnostics of salmonid RNA viruses. Scientific Reports 8: e16307.     
  • ULRICH K., WEHNER S., BEKAERT M., Di PAOLA N., DILCHER M., THOMSON E., MUIR K.F., TAGGART J., Matějusová I., WEIDMANN M. (2018): Molecular epidemiological study on Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus isolates from fish farms in Scotland over three decades. Journal of General Virology DOI 10.1099/jgv.0.001155.
  • GILBEY J., CAUWELIER E., SAMPAYO J., Matějusová I., ALLAN C., GRAHAM J., STRADMEYER L., MIDDLEMAS S. (2018): Identification of the farm of origin of Atlantic salmon smolt escapees in a freshwater Scottish loch using single nucleotide polymorphic markers. ICES Journal of Marine Science doi:10.1093/icesjms/fsy072. 
  • WILSON J., Matějusová I., McINTOSH R., CARBONI S., TAGGART J.B., BEKAERT M. (2018): New diagnostic molecular markers for the Mytilus species complex. PLoS ONE 13(7): e0200654.

List of all publications

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