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Fiona Gibb

Telephone: +44 (0)131 244 3083


Address: Marine Scotland, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB, Scotland, UK

Research Interests

My current research is mainly concerned with understanding fish population structuring, fish movements and undertaking age/growth studies. The tools for these studies include fish tagging, otolith microstructure analysis, otolith shape analysis and the use of whole solution and laser ablation ICPMS to measure trace element concentrations in otoliths. My current work is in support of the Scottish Marine Protected Areas (ecological and socio-economic impacts of spatial management measures) and PICMATOPS (pelagic foodweb modelling to predict the impact of climate change on marine top predators) projects.


I collaborate with scientists working in similar fields across the UK, Europe and Norway. I have worked on several European-funded projects, including:

  • FIE & FINE (Fisheries induced evolution)
  • UNCOVER (Understanding the mechanisms of stock recovery)
  • SUNFISH (Sustainable fisheries, climate change and the North Sea ecosystem)
  • CODYSSEY (Cod spatial dynamics)
  • METACOD (The role of sub-stock structure in the maintainance of cod metapopulations)
  • IBACS (Integrated approach to the biological basis of age estimation in commercially important fish species)

Most Recent Publications

  • THOMAS RÉGNIER, FIONA M. GIBB, PETER J. WRIGHT (2018). Temperature effects on egg development and larval condition in the lesser sandeel, Ammodytes marinus. Journal of Sea Research 134: 34-41.

  • PETER J. WRIGHT, THOMAS RÉGNIER, FIONA M. GIBB, JULIAN AUGLEY, SANDHYA DEVALLA (2018). Identifying stock structuring in the sandeel, Ammodytes marinus, from otolith microchemistry. Fisheries Research 199: 19–25.

  • Regnier, T., F.M. Gibb, and P.J. Wright. 2017. Importance of trophic mismatch in a winter hatching species: evidence from lesser sandeel. Marine Ecology Progress Series 567:185-197.
  • Gibb, F.M., T. Regnier, K. Donald, and P.J. Wright. 2017. Connectivity in the early life history of sandeel inferred from otolith microchemistry. Journal of Sea Research 119:8-16.
  • Gallego, A., F.M. Gibb, D. Tullet, and P.J. Wright. 2016. Bio-physical connectivity patterns of benthic marine species used in the designation of Scottish nature conservation Marine Protected Areas. ICES Journal of Marine Science (Special Theme Set "Beyond ocean connectivity") 74(6): 1797-1811.


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