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Clare Greathead

Clare GreatheadTelephone: +44 (0)131 244 3520

E-mail: clare.greathead@gov.scot

Address: Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB, Scotland, UK

Research Interests

My current research is mainly concerned with the use of underwater digital images and video to understand the abundance and distribution of benthic species and communities. Further interests include anthropogenic impacts on benthic species and the ecology of benthic species. Previously I have been involved with research into and advice on the environmental impacts of marine aquaculture.


I collaborate with scientists across the UK and Europe, notably those involved in the ICES Benthic Ecology working group (BEWG) and the Scottish Biodiversity Forum. The BEWG is a very group and I have collaborated with them on several papers.


Peer Reviewed

  • Greathead, C., Gonzalez-Irusta, J.M., Clarke, J., Boulcott, P., Blackadder, L., Weetman, A., Wright, P.J., (2015). Environmental requirements for three sea pen species: relevance to distribution and conservation. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 72 (2): 576-586.
  • Zettler, M.L., Proffitt, C.E.,  Darr, A., Degraer, S., Devriese, L., Greathead, C., Kotta, J., Magni, P. Martin, G., Reiss, H., Speybroeck, J., Tagliapietra, D., Van Hoey, G., Ysebaert, T., 2013. On the Myths of Indicator Species: Issues and Further Consideration in the Use of Static Concepts for Ecological Applications. PLoS ONE 8(10): e78219.
  • Greathead, C., Gubbins, M. and Tulett, D., 2010. Predictive models to inform spatial planning for Scottish marine fish farms. In: Coastal and Marine Geospatial Technologies (Ed: Green, D.R.), 2010, 241-243.
  • Amundrud, T.L., Greathead, C., Gubbins, M.J. and Davies, I.M., 2009. Nutrient release from coastal aquaculture: the importance of temporal aspects in species-specific production cycles. Aquaculture Research 2009, 40:1563-1566.
  • Greathead, C.F., Donnan, D., Mair, J.M. and Saunders, G., 2007. The distribution of the sea pens Virgularia mirabili, Pennatula phosphorea and Funiculina quadrangularis in Scottish waters. Journal of the Marine Biological Association 2007, 87:1095-1103.


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