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To assist with the use of the freely available programmes required to view the software available on this site, we have produced a number of training videos. We suggest that earphones are used to hear the audio dialogue when viewing the files.

  • How to open Arc Layer Packages (.lpk), KMZ/KML files (.kmz/kml), Shape files (.shp) and Geodatabases (.gdb) into ArcGis Explorer ( .flv)
  • How to open .SD files into iView4D ( .flv)
  • How to open .KMZ/.KML files in Google Earth ( .flv)
  • How to query a Geodatabase in ArcGis Explorer ( .flv)

Links to free software for downloading:

  • Google Earth: reads KML/KMZ files.
  • ArcGIS Explorer: reads ArcGIS layer packages (.lpk), Shape files (.shp), KMZ/KML files, Geodatabases (.gdb) and Geotiffs (.tiff).
  • iView4D: reads SD files.
  • Easy View: reads CSAR files.