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Data Types

Shaded relief map of West of LewisMarine Scotland Science collects a wide variety of marine environmental data, such as echosounding techniques and video ground-truthing to map the seabed.

As such we have divided the data according to data types, such as seabed bathymetry, seabed video and camera footage, etc. More will be available in due course. The data types pages are subdivided into themes and by survey area.



Bathymetry theme

More information and links to all the available data about the depth and shape of the seabed


habitat backscatter image

Information and detailed backscatter data, also produced by the multibeam echosounder

Video & Photographs

Video image

View the different videos and photograph layers that are available of the seabed


Sub Bottom Profiling

Sub Bottom Profile image

More information and links to sub buttom profiling data



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Other Links

Marine Atlas

Links to Scotland's Marine Atlas and supporting pages