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Marine Scotland Information

Marine Scotland Information logoMarine Scotland have launched a new information portal called Marine Scotland Information. This new web portal provides access to important contextual information for the data and resources Marine Scotland makes available online. With a particular focus on mapping and our scientific data, this site combines information from the National Marine Plan interactive (NMPi) online web mapping resource, the Marine Scotland data portal and the larger geospatial data previously hosted on Marine Scotland interactive.

The data previously held on Marine Scotland interactive has now migrated to Marine Scotland Information and will be updated there.  The MSi pages will remain online for archive and redirection purposes.

The links below have been redirected to the relevant pages on the new website

Regional Locational Guidance

Regional Locational Guidance image from Google EarthThe Scottish Government is developing plans for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy in Scottish waters. These plans will explore how offshore wind, wave and tidal energy can contribute to meeting Scotland’s target of generating the equivalent of 100% of electricity demand from renewable sources and also seek to maximise the contribution of these technologies to achieving a low carbon economy. Further information on the planning process is available through the Marine Energy Planning pages.

The draft Regional Locational Guidance documents contain information relating to the search areas for future offshore wind, wave and tidal energy plan options. Links to to these documents are available below. In addition, shapefiles and Google Earth (KMZ) downloads are also provided.

Wind Wave Tidal


Renewables Site Selection

Assistance for Wave and Tidal Energy Site Selection

Marine Scotland Science has created geodatabases for the areas surveyed in the Pentland Firth and west of Lewis. The purpose of the geodatabases is to provide regional guidance to assist developers involved in identifying suitable sites for localised survey work in support of site specific developments. The parameters available to assist in the identification of sites are depth of water, seabed slope and distance offshore. All the layers available from this section of Marine Scotland Interactive can be viewed using ArcGis Explorer and are projected using British National Grid.

A number of maps have already been created using the databases and exported as grouped layer packages. The maps have been queried using depth and seabed slope e.g.


This filename should be read as the area of seabed between 10 to 30m depth and between 0 to 10° slope. The buffer file records a series of concentric rings that extend offshore in 1 km increments. This file can be opened together with the maps in ArcGis Explorer to determine the distance offshore for the areas selected based on depth and seabed slope. Opening combinations of the maps enables comparisons to be made between the areas available for development in terms of increasing depth or increasing seabed slope.

West of Lewis

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Pentland Firth

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