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Marine Scoltand Information

Marine Scotland Information logoMarine Scotland have launched a new information portal called Marine Scotland Information. This new web portal provides access to important contextual information for the data and resources Marine Scotland makes available online. With a particular focus on mapping and our scientific data, this site combines information from the National Marine Plan interactive (NMPi) online web mapping resource, the Marine Scotland data portal and the larger geospatial data previously hosted on Marine Scotland interactive.

The data previously held on Marine Scotland interactive has now migrated to Marine Scotland Information and will be updated there.  The MSi pages will remain online for archive and redirection purposes.

The links below have been redirected to the relevant pages on the new website

Fish & Fisheries Data Resources

February 2015
The Fish & Fisheries MSi data theme provides access to fish survey data and fisheries spatial layers & statistics. These resources have many potential applications for example in support of marine conservation and offshore development applications throughout Scotland.


Fish and Shellfish

Survey Data

The MEDIN FishDAC provides access to survey data via links to other systems for fish and shellfish, fisheries, aquaculture and related samples (FishDAC). For example, data includes acoustic surveys, demersal trawl surveys, deep water surveys, egg surveys, TV surveys, discard surveys and many more.

Scottish Sea Fisheries Annual Statistics

fishing boatOverview of the Scottish fishing fleet, fishermen employment and landings data for the year previous to publication year.

  • Scottish Sea Fisheries Management Information,
    Includes Monthly Marine Brief to Ministers, Key Fish Species Quota Uptake Reports, Monthly Landings into Scottish Port Offices and Fixed Quota Units held by Fishery Producer Organisations

Spatial Data Resources for Commercial Fisheries

ScotMap Monetary Value

Salmon & Recreational Fisheries

Salmon & Recreational Fisheries

Fisheries-Related Administrative Boundaries

Fisheries-related Administrative Boundaries