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Marine Scotland Information logoMarine Scotland have launched a new information portal called Marine Scotland Information. This new web portal provides access to important contextual information for the data and resources Marine Scotland makes available online. With a particular focus on mapping and our scientific data, this site combines information from the National Marine Plan interactive (NMPi) online web mapping resource, the Marine Scotland data portal and the larger geospatial data previously hosted on Marine Scotland interactive.

The data previously held on Marine Scotland interactive has now migrated to Marine Scotland Information and will be updated there.  The MSi pages will remain online for archive and redirection purposes.


Marine Spatial Planning

Marine Spatial Planning

Regional Locational Guidance and Marine Spatial Planning data.

Marine Protected Areas

Marine Protected Areas

Data and reports collected for MPA sites in Scotland.

Marine Monitoring Network


2012 Marine Monitoring Network review downloads.

EMEC Wildlife Data

 EMEC logo

EMEC Wildlife Observation Data



Data, information and locations of monitoring in Scotland.

Special Protected Areas


Data and reports for protected species in SPA sites in Scotland.

National Marine Plan interactive


Marine Scotland's interactive mapping tool for marine planning

Fish & Fisheries Data Resources


Spatial information layer and other data sources on commercial fishing activity for vessels in Scotland


 Wave & Tidal

Available data collected in support of renewables.

Current Renewable Projects


The Marine Scotland Current Renewable Projects Layer.

Seal Usage Maps

Seal Licensing

Seal Usage Map report and downloads.

Population Consequences of Disturbance model

Bottlenose Dolphin AU10-1349-289 © university of Aberdeen

The Interim Population Consequences of Disturbance (PCoD) Model


CEH Simplified Displacement Model

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology logo

Model which simulates the effect of offshore wind farms on seabird foraging behaviour

Aquaculture Infrastructure

Aquaculture Infrastructure map theme image

Aquaculture Infrastructure Map and related information

Integrated Coastal-Zone Risk Management

ICES logo

ICES Cooperative Research Report No 320 on integrated coastal zone risk management, with significant contributions from MSS.

Cumulative Impact Information

Cumulative Impact for MSi

Reports and information related to cumulative impact assessments