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Marine Science Co-Ordination Committee (MSCC)

The Marine Science Co-Ordination Committee (MSCC) is a partnership of government departments, devolved administrations of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, environment agencies and research bodies involved in funding and marine science in the UK.

The aim of the Committee is to drive forward the delivery of the UK Marine Science Strategy and produce the most effective body of evidence to support science and policy decisions through improved co-ordination and use of resources, knowledge exchange and communication.

The committee reports to the Ministerial Marine Science Group and has four delivery areas each with a working group:

  • Science alignment
  • Data monitoring and assessment
  • Economic growth
  • Communication


Current members are senior representatives of government departments which fund marine science, devolved administrations and bodies which provide marine science:

More information

The MSCC is co-ordinated by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and more information is available through the MSCC website.