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Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory Open Day

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Come and join our Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory Open Day! 

15th June 2019, Atholl Palace, Pitlochry

2019 is the International Year of the Salmon - a global initiative to highlight the importance of wild salmon around the world. Its aim is to showcase the extraordinary life of salmon, examine the difficulties they face in today’s changing environments and explore methods for conserving wild salmon for future generations.

International Year of the salmon logoTo mark this worldwide event, the Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory in Pitlochry will be holding its second, drop-in family science Open Day on 15th June 2019 at the Atholl Palace in Pitlochry.

Come along and be inspired by the incredible story of our native Atlantic salmon and discover the challenges facing our iconic national fish, meet our dedicated scientists, delve into our research, investigate our scientific equipment and explore what we are doing to support the conservation and restoration of Atlantic salmon in Scotland.

Through a series of stalls, posters, videos, demonstrations, presentations and interactive games we will take you on a journey that explores the history of salmon, it’s biology, modern day threats to survival and the research we are doing to provide advice to Scottish Government to conserve salmon.

Doors open at 10am and some of the highlights include:

  • Electrofishing display and demonstrations - the “magical” way that fish can be captured using electricity.
  • Invertebrate identification - what fish eat and what kinds of insects live in our rivers.
  • Tagging display - how we find out where fish travel to.
  • Salmon genetics - the fish version of “Who do you think you are”.
  • Fish biology - what the inside of a salmon looks like and and what each part of the fish does.
  • Scale reading - how we find out how old a fish is by reading its scales.
  • Fish traps - why we trap fish and what it tells us.
  • Fish counters - how and why we count fish in rivers.
  • Climate change – how we use technology to predict the effects on fish populations of rising water temperatures​.

Art Competition

Art Competition Poster



Conserving our wild salmon is a huge task which sees us working closely with international, national and local partners who are passionate about salmon conservation.

We want to share this passion with our community to hopefully inspire a new generation of researchers, managers and conservationists.

As part of this we have launched an Atlantic Salmon based art competition in Highland Perthshire schools which will be judged by local artist Dylan Gibson.

Entries will be on display throughout the open day so please come and appreciate the work of all our talented young artists. Prizes will be presented at 3pm.