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2015/16 Projects & Reports

Sifting of Proposals

Nineteen proposals were received for the 2015/16 call, far exceeding previous years and the £150,000 available for funding. The FISA Steering Group members all had an opportunity to score the proposals based on the scoring criteria prior to attending the proposal review meeting. The meeting was then held on 31st August 2015. There was an open and constructive discussion, with broad unanimity that generally matched the scores.

One of the proposals was deemed outside the remit of FISA as the project partners were based outside Scotland and there was no indication that the work would take place within Scottish waters. Initially five proposals were selected for funding and it was agreed that proposal (13/15) should go ahead in a smaller interim form, to allow the methodology to be tested prior to full scale trials. Subsequently one of the proposals (10/15 – Fisher self-sampling of lobsters) was withdrawn by the applicants.

The unsuccessful proposals did not receive funding from FISA and the applicants were offered suggestions on how their projects could be progressed.

Monitoring Progress

An Interim update and a final report will be produced for each project and will be available online in the 2015/16 Reports section.

Approved and funded projects

  • 01/15 - Using commercial and survey data to infer real-time fish distribution in the North Sea at high resolution

  • 05/15 - Discard survival and condition in Orkney brown crabs

  • 09/15 - To develop the methodology to undertake stock assessments of razor fish using combinations of video monitoring and electrofishing gear

  • 13/15 - Slippage mitigation and acoustic characterisation: Phase 2 (SMAC 2)

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