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SeabORD: A tool to estimate the fate of birds displaced by offshore renewable developments

SeabORD is a tool to help estimate the cost to individual seabirds due to displacement and barrier effects from offshore renewable developments (ORDs). These costs are measured in terms of changes in adult survival and productivity.

The tool provides a user-friendly interface for setting up simulation runs with user-provided inputs and displays easy to read model outputs. It is a MATLAB Application deployed with the freely available 'MATLAB Runtime' enabling users to run the tool without the need for MATLAB.

SeabORD is now available to download (for installation instructions see the user guide):

The tool also comes with a user guide, worked example, and full report detailing the scope, method, and outputs of the project:

*Note the User Guide and worked example were written for version 1.2 of the software, but this is still relevant to version 1.3 of the software.