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Background Information

The Scottish Government is firmly committed to the development of a successful and sustainable offshore renewable energy industry in Scotland and has a stated target of meeting 100% of Scottish demand for electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

Indeed Scotland is well placed to take a global lead in the exploitation of renewable energy sources at sea with a massive marine renewables potential of an estimated 25% of Europe’s tidal resource, 25% of its offshore wind resource and 10% of its wave potential

The Scottish Government also recognises that there is a range of issues which have to be addressed to allow the establishment of any new sector. To address the various issues and challenges of developing marine renewables, a number of policies and projects have been developed to provide solutions and support to partner organisations and industry. These cover:

  • Planning – sectoral marine planning for renewables, including adoption into Scotland’s National Marine Plan

  • Licensing – development of a streamlined and efficient licensing system

  • Research – development of a co-ordinated and collaborative programme for environmental, social and economic research

More information on Marine Scotland’s marine and offshore renewable energy policies and projects can be found in the stakeholder brief below:

Stakeholder Brief

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