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Completed Research Projects (Up to 2016)

Marine Scotland must ensure that the development of wave, tidal and offshore wind energy sectors is achieved in a sustainable manner in the seas around Scotland. To address the various issues and challenges of developing marine renewables, the Marine Renewable Energy Programme (MREP) was established in 2011 to give scientific support to policy development and licensing of energy production from renewable sources.

A number of projects were initiated to provide solutions and support to partner organisations and Industry and some of these are listed below:

Current Marine Energy Research Projects

Completed Marine Energy Research Projects

Work Package SBP (Seabird Research)

Table of Work Packages:

Work Package B - An assessment of the sensitivity of Scottish seabirds to interactions with offshore wind developments:


Work Package E - Population sizes of seabirds breeding in Scottish Special Protected Areas (SPAs):

Work Package G - Effects of Displacement from marine renewable developments on seabirds breeding at SPAs - a proof of concept model of Common guillemots breeding on the Isle of May:

Work Package H - Population trends of breeding seabird colonies in Scottish SPAs:


Migratory Fish Research

Marine Scotland Science has undertaken a literature review of current research and new research ideas associated with the interactions with offshore renewable energy devices:

Work Package AP5

This project has identified and compiled (in agreed formats), available data gathered before, during and after installation of the Robin Rigg offshore wind farm.

Work Package AP6

This project has built upon the data collected and formatted under Work Package AP5 and undertaken an analysis on the data to assess potential consequences of offshore wind on species of migratory fish. The project has also carried out power analysis on the available data to determine its ability to have detected any change and thereby inform the design of future monitoring programmes.

 Marine Mammal Research:

Work Package A3 - Advice on the displacement of marine mammals around operational offshore windfarms:

Work Package C2 - Advice on the populations of cetaceans that might be involved in significant interactions with marine renewable energy developments in Scottish marine waters:

Scottish Marine Renewables Research Group

Pentland Firth & Orkney (2008 Surveys)

Pentland Firth & Orkney (2009 Surveys)

  • Generic Research: Guidance on Survey and Monitoring in relation to marine (wave and tide) renewable deployments in Scotland.