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wind turbineThe Scottish Government is developing plans for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy in Scottish waters. These plans will explore how offshore wind, wave and tidal energy can contribute to meeting Scotland’s target of generating the equivalent of 100% of electricity demand from renewable sources and also seek to maximise the contribution of these technologies to achieving a low carbon economy.

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Public Participation Statement

The Public Participation Statement sets out how the communities of Scotland can get involved in the plan development process and how engagement will take place throughout the preparation of the plan.  Consultation will be undertaken at two key stages: non-statutory in August - September 2012 and statutory consultation in 2013.

Initial Plan Frameworks & Regional Locational Guidance

During August-September 2012, the Scottish Government invited early views and ideas on the Draft Initial Plan Frameworks (which set out the process for developing plans for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy) and the Draft Regional Locational Guidance documents (which contained detailed information in relation to the search areas for future offshore wind, wave and tidal energy plan options).

A Draft Analysis Report for this period of pre-consultation is now available.

Following this period of pre-statutory consultation, the Scottish Government has revised the areas of search into draft Plan Options using the information contained in the Regional Locational Guidance as well as the comments received during the consultation. Final Initial Plan Frameworks, which detail the draft Plan Options, are available below.

The Scottish Government will now subject the draft Plan Options to Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment, Socio-economic Assessment and Habitats Regulations Appraisal) to inform the development of Draft Plans. The Draft Plans and associated Sustainability Appraisal Reports for Offshore Wind, Wave and Tidal Energy in Scottish Waters will be subject to a period of statutory consultation in July 2013.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Under the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005, marine sectoral plans for renewable energy require a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Marine Scotland will therefore assess the significant environmental effects of the plan as it emerges, and will publish and consult on the findings at key stages.  The SEA also forms part of a broader Sustainability Appraisal of plans for wave, tidal and offshore wind. 

A SEA Screening Determination for the wind, wave and tidal plans is now available.

As part of the process, a Scoping Report has been published, which sets out the proposed approach to the SEA of the plan for offshore wind, making reference to parallel work on wave and tidal energy.