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Inshore MPA and SAC Management - Phase 2

30 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) were designated in Scotland’s seas on the 24th July 2014; 17 of these MPAs fall under the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 in inshore waters.

In line with EU legislation suitable management measures must be implemented at each site to conserve the protected features. The 17 inshore MPAs along with 22 Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) have been split into 2 groups to allow for easier implementation of management measures. The SACs have been included as a review of current management measures was deemed to be necessary after reassessment of the EU Habitats Directive.

The sites were split generally on the basis of the presence of the most sensitive benthic habitats and species, irrespective of the designation type. Some sites with highly sensitive features are included in the 2nd phase because the location is subject to some form of existing management arrangement.

Regional Management Workshops - Phase 2

Marine Scotland is using regional forums to ensure stakeholder participation in development of management measures for public consultation. The aim is to develop practical and proportionate management approaches that achieve the conservation objectives without unnecessarily hindering economic activity.

Stakeholder workshops were previously held in Autumn 2014 to discuss management measures for the 1st  phase of sites that were part of the 2014 consultation on Inshore MPA/SAC management.

Management approaches for the remaining sites are now being developed with a view to a summer 2015 consultation. Marine Scotland will be holding further stakeholder workshops to aid development of the management measures. In some cases this will involve collaboration with 3rd parties such as the Shetland Shellfish Management Organisation and the Moray Firth SAC management forum.

As before the sites have been split according to region. North, South and Shetland/Orkney.

Most of the management requirements can be delivered by the general protective provisions and licence consent procedures. These do not apply in the same way to activities such as fishing and anchoring. Therefore these activities will be the focus of statutory management measures.

The details of each forum can be seen in the table below:





23rd April 2015



28th & 29th April 2015



30th April & 1st May 2015



Regional Management forums - Phase 2 - Participating organisations

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