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  • The Overview document summarises details of the 11 Nature Conservation Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and nine Special Areas of Conservation (SACs). It also provides information on how to respond to the consultation.
  • The Respondent Information Form and Consultation Questions documents are available separately to make responding easier. Please ensure that you follow the guidance at Annex B of the Overview document when completing your response.
  • The Approaches document describes the proposed management approaches for each site.
  • The Maps document provides spatial information to support understanding of the descriptions in the Approaches document.
  • The Environmental Report outlines potential environmental benefits and dis-benefits of the management approaches and other reasonable alternatives.


Marine Scotland has produced interactive maps which allow the user to switch between management approaches at sites:

  • The Pictures document shows images of some of the protected features at each of the MPAs or SACs.
  • The Prioritisation document explains how the sites in this consultation have been prioritised and also provides details of the SAC fisheries management advice from Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).


The Business and Regulatory Impact Assessments for the MPAs were updated in June 2014 and are still valid. More information on the costs of possible management are contained in the Approaches document.

New Business and Regulatory Impact Assessments for the SACs which do not overlap with MPAs will be available online shortly.