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Demonstration and Research MPAs

Demonstration and Research (D&R) MPAs

The Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 established the process by which third parties are able to propose Nature Conservation and Demonstration and Research (D&R) MPAs for inclusion in the Scottish network of MPAs. 

The criteria for D&R MPAs, along with the supplimentary guidance, can be found on the MPA Selection Guidelines page.

D&R MPAs may be an appropriate tool to develop new approaches to marine management, address issues through original research or consider the applicability of a management approach in a new area. Proposals will be assessed using the criteria in the MPA Guidelines published in 2011, including the level of support and why a D&R MPA is the most appropriate mechanism to use.

Current Proposals

Marine Scotland does not currently have any D&R MPA proposals for consideration.

The Fair Isle Demonstration & Research MPA was designated on 9 November 2016.