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Marine Nature Conservation

starfishMarine Scotland is committed to a clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse marine and coastal environment that meets the long term needs of people and nature. This includes managing our seas sustainably to protect their rich biological diversity and to ensure that our marine ecosystems continue to provide economic, social and wider benefits for people, industry and society.

To help us achieve this, a Nature Conservation Strategy has been published outlining Marine Scotland's vision, aims and objectives for protecting marine biodiversity.

The strategy sets out our vision and framework for marine nature conservation based on a three pillar approach:

  • Species conservation
  • Site protection
  • Wider seas policies and measures

The strategy outlines how we are implementing the three pillar approach to marine nature conservation and how this work complements wider marine planning and other work under the Marine (Scotland) Act and UK Marine and Coastal Access Act.

A target date of 2012 has been set for development of our Marine Protected Area network so that it contributes towards the achievement of Good Environmental Status under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).

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