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Reporting Stranded Marine Animals

In the case of finding a dead or stranded marine animal, call 01463 243030 or email: Rescue for live stranded marine animals is available 24 hrs a day by calling:

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Marine Environment

The Scottish aquatic environment is among the most diverse in the world supporting over 6,500 complex and 40,000 single cell species of plants and animals in inshore waters alone. This incredible environment includes rivers, lochs, estuaries, coastal waters and offshore waters and is home to many distinctive habitats and iconic species such as basking sharks, over twenty species of marine mammals and internationally important bird populations.

Although each environment is different, they are biologically linked and Marine Scotland recognises that it is vital to protect marine biodiversity and these ecosystems.

Its role is to ensure that the natural environment, and the diversity of industries which depend upon it, is safeguarded for the future by working to assess the quality of the aquatic environment, trying to understand the effects of both natural and human activities and leading research into improving knowledge on the potential environmental effects of marine renewables.

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Marine Nature Conservation

Read Marine Scotland's vision, aims and objectives for protecting marine biodiversity



Information about the ecosystem-based approach to environmental management


Marine Protected Areas

More about managing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and Networks

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Science and Research


Read about the role of science in the Marine Ecosystem



More about the fish, shellfish, flora and fauna that live in Scotland's seas

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Find out about how Marine Scotland handles emergency marine situations.